My venture with Online Jobs

I’ve found that data entry jobs are rather mundane and dull at best as known by the many people who partake in this employment. When doing a data entry job you have to enter data which is important to companies such as addresses, names, phone numbers and email addresses into computers to create a file for digital storage. When looking for a data entry job the most important thing one should do is thoroughly research everything pertaining to data entry jobs.

Researching into data entry jobs will make it easier for you to choose a website or company to work for as well as give you insight into which companies and websites offer scam data entry jobs. Captcha entry jobs are also considered data entry jobs. A popular site known as captcha2cash pays users to type in various captcha codes as fast as they can. The flexibility of work hours and workload is absolutely amazing when it comes to doing a data entry job!

Captcha decoding is also another relevant aspect in the field of data entry. Many sites offer captcha decoding and in my experience was one of the most reliable. If you haven’t already, register on this website to help you with all of your captcha decoding needs.

Data entry jobs require high speed typing from employees and if you can’t type fast at all you will have a hard time earning money from a data entry job. The faster one can type the more money they will earn from a data entry job. So let  us now discuss some tips on how you can increase your typing speed.

Know the keyboard layout

The f and j keys on a keyboard are marked with small indents, this is where your index fingers should be positioned when typing. From these two keys you should begin to familiarize yourself with where each other letter is. Knowing where the keys are very important to typing fast. Utility keys such as backspace and enter are separated from the letter keys, hence you should not find it hard to press them quickly while typing.

Typing exercises

Once you have mastered the keyboard properly, you should now take up some training exercises. Start slowly if you must and gradually improve on your typing. The exercises will provide you with phrases and words that will make you engage all of the keys on your keyboard. Use these exercises to learn how to type much faster than you ever have before.

Stay focused

Don’t let distractions take you away from the task at hand. Staying focused on your typing is very important. On average people wasted up to 2 hours a day while working on obsolete things such as blank staring or looking at something irrelevant. Don’t let your fingers stop and keep typing away as fast as you can!


One of the best sites which helped me in typing faster has been They offer a thorough guideline on the things you should or should not do while typing and were of great help! Hence whatever you decide to do when it comes to your data entry needs, research and optimism will definitely carry you a long way.


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