Share the Wealth with the Affiliate Program

Isn’t it great to make money online from the comfort of your home? with a guaranteed income paying you for each solved Captchas, and better yet, you can make money anywhere you only need internet access!

You know what is better? sharing the wealth and getting paid for it! Share your new discovery with friends and family with the referral program, get them to join megatypers with your invitation code and earn 10% commission!!

Here’s a quick guide:

  1.  First create your Megatypers account here: using code 7gs7. 
  2.  Log into your account , and go to the affiliates section to create a new affiliate code. Affiliate codes can be created here:
  3. You must click the “Add New Code” button on the far right of the page and add a description in the popup (optional).
  4. Click on save, and there you have it! You generated your first code!

Start inviting all your friends and family and reap the benefits of the affiliate program!


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