Consequences of using 3rd party software’s

Hello fellow Captcha Cashers, today I want to tell you about the dangers of using 3rd party software.

Usually this software sells themselves by offering you quite a lot of advantages on paper:

  • Speed up the flow of images.
  • Multiple images on the same window.
  • It gives you the option to open multiple accounts at the same time. Etc, etc…

But in  practice once you enter your username and password in these programs you are compromising your full access to them, practically you have been hacked by the creator of the program, usually a free download or sometimes even worst: being sold  for a very low price (paying to be hacked!).

Usually the way the scam works is once you load all your login information into the program, they let the user solve captchas in a normal way for a week or two, then all of a sudden  (a day before payment) your account payment information is changed, they take the payout, then payment information is changed back to the original information, in that way they take the earnings and the unsuspecting typer is ripped off his hard- earned money, desperately sending emails to support asking why they don’t have the amount they should have earned anywhere on their account.

So please beware Captcha Cashers, stay away from any magical 3rd party software that lets you supposedly earn more in less time, don’t get scammed and ripped off your hard earned money. Megatypers is a pretty legit site to earn in a legit way, just put your biggest effort and you should see the results, no need for cheating!!

Any questions you might have please let me know in the comments, keep Captchacashing!

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