Test your performance on the contests!

Hey Guys!!

Have you tried the contests?

They start every 20 minutes and the rewards are awesome!

Earning can be vary a lot but overall the winners get a very good pot.

This is where the best typers gather to compete for the good earnings, so be prepared, make sure all your responses are correct and as fast as possible
to quilify among the top ones!.

Try it out right now and let me know how it goes. 🙂

CaptchaSolution – Automation , AI and Captcha Solution Services in one site

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about a website that has caught my attention with its high quality content on artificial intelligence, process automation, marketing and captchas. It is CaptchaSolution, a site that focuses on providing valuable and up-to-date information on these technology-related topics.

What caught my attention the most about CaptchaSolution is its captcha-bypass section. Yes, just as you read it, a section dedicated exclusively to helping us understand how captchas work and how we can improve the efficiency of our automation processes. If you are like me, who is always looking for solutions to solve captchas, then I assure you that this section will be of great help.

In addition, CaptchaSolution has other categories such as AI, marketing and SEO that will surely provide you with important information to achieve your goals.

In summary, if you are passionate about technology and you are looking to stay up to date on topics related to captchas, artificial intelligence, process automation and marketing, then I recommend you to visit CaptchaSolution. I hope you find my experience helpful and that you can make the most of everything this site has to offer.

Tips to Maximize Your Results!

Hi guys!!

Today I bring you some tips to maximize your income on your typing journey!

With these tips you will be able to achieve better results and solve more challenges!

To be the best typer, you need to:

  • Be fast!

Try to always be fast.

The faster you are, more challenges you can solve which translates to additional income.

  • Be accurate

Make sure your responses are as accurate as possible. Double check the challenge against your response before submitting.

Validate if the captcha shown is case sensitive or not and be ready to input on the correct case.

  • Pay attention

Be aware of the countdown so you never end up without time. This is bad for your score.

  • Check the highest-rated hours and try to work on those schedules.

You would earn more for each challenge solved by working on these hours.

  • Be patient.

Wealth is constructed over time. Pay attention at how your balance grows and keep working hard.

A long journey starts with the first steps.

With this I hope you crush your earnings and become a fast and accurate Typer on the platform.

How’s 2023 going?

Hi! I hope you guys had great holidays!

The new year started and we keep receiving a very good volume of captchas to solve.

That’s what I love about this job, the captchas never end!! This is really important for us, as we can plan ahead what we would be
making per day and the hours we would like to work. It’s just amazing!

Remember to keep your speed and correctness on point to get the most out of each task!

Best regards!

Good times come and go!

This is true and it has happened to all of us, you are enjoying the good times and all of the sudden its gone. Well, something I am very grateful about my current job, is that the good things remain stable.

At Megartypers, the rates are way higher than any other typing site!

Remember to check the rates schedule to work all the hours with the higher rates and get a big payout!

As always, my best wishes to all of you!

Do you know the difference?

Back in the old days, when I was new to Megatypers I often got confussed when earning Typercredits and earning Typerpoints, didn’t know the difference between the two.

I bet many new typers might be experiencing the same doubts I had but, say no more, I will briefly clarify what each of them do and how they both help to get you a good income!


You earn TyperCredits for most of the work you do solving captchas.

Each TyperCredit has the same USD$ value, you can withdraw once you reach the minimum balance.


Are awarded by typing 500 correct images. One TyperPoint each time!

Can be easily exchanged for TyperCredits once you have a total of 50 TyperPoints and $3.00 TyperCredits.

You can also earn them on different events, like obtaining a spot on the 100 Most Accurate, this will multiply by 3 all the TyperPoints you earned the day before! Amazing!

More TyperPoints are awarded to typers who, besides being on the Top 100 Most Accurate, also had a solving time below 7 secs.

Keep this in mind my fellow typers, start earning as many TyperPoints as you can to boost your overall TyperCredits balance!

If you want more info, you can also check this page.

The true work from home

I don’t know about you, but this job at Megatypers has given me the stability I needed in my life.

Plenty of time with my family, in the confort of my home, while making a good income.

I’ve been advising all my relatives about this job opportunity so then can jump in too, and
enjoy the benefits of working on your own schedule!

Right now, I just paused my work to write you guys about how I feel! Anyway, back to making those tasty dollars!

The increased rates continue!

Have you guys taken advantage of the raise in the rates? I did!!

I’ve been checking online and couldn’t find these type of rates nowhere else. Between $0.60 to $1.00
is like a blessing for all of us hard workers!

Just make sure to take your time with each challenge and don’t ge greedy, as over-speeding your answers
can only lead to mistakes and potential warnings/bans.

Hope you are enjoying the extra cash and the high volumes we’ve seen lately. 🙂

Affiliates, Increased Rates & More!

Hey Guys!

Just came back to remind you about of the affiliate revenue available for you!

Besides obtaining good earnings while solving captchas, you could also start making a passive income. Tell your family, friends and anyone you like about this
nice opportunity to make money from home and provide them with your affiliate code.

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions so you don’t break any rules and start earning passively!

On top of that, the rates just got a massive raise! Go, check them out!

Want to earn more?

As always, keeping good speed and consistency is key! But, keeping track of the price changes are vital to obtain as much revenue as possible.

Under “Statistics” you can see the Payout Rates per 1k captchas, and there is the breakdown of the different rates by the hour!

Keep track of these rates and get to work on those hours you are not used to, where the payout is at its highest, to retrieve as much TyperCredits as you can.

Just today, there are six hours at 0.90 $TC per 1k!! And many more at 0.80 $TC!!