Megatypers the best paying Captcha site on the internet!

For some time I struggled to find a good site that paid a fair amount for your hard work, in sites like 2captcha, Kolotibablo too often I found myself working hard solving captchas only to find I only earned a handful for that day, very unfair.

But this is not the case with Megatypers, with the fastest image flow on the market you can solve more in less time, thus earning more!

And now with a brand new improved Typersolver Desktop Application, which can be used to solve higher paying Recaptcha V2 Challenges!

Working with megatypers you can earn more than double than other pages like 2captcha, Kolotiblablo, earning from $0.80 up to $1.6 x 1000 captchas/recaptcha v2, a really nice price for your hard work, so you can make that extra cash you want so hard!

Join Megatypers today using code: 7GS7



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