Contests, a fun way to challenge your typing skills and earn more $$!

Let’s be honest, captcha typing is a good and easy way to earn money, but because of the repetition it can get pretty boring (especially after the first 2 or 3 hours non stop!), and the geniuses at megatypers know it, that’s why they came up with a solution to spice things up a bit.

Let me introduce you to the contests. In contests mode you and all participants sign up every 20 minutes just marking the checkbox on top of the solving image box after you have enrolled and the contest is about to start, you get a window message with the details of said contest.
The participants all are competing to win a prize of typercredits equivalent to the amount of correctly solved images by all during the contest, and the prize is distributed among winners, the higher the total score, more typercredits to receive!

Talk about spicing things up a bit! This is guaranteed to cheer you up while working while earning you some extra cash along the way! Just remember that winners take all, participants who don’t win, don’t receive any typercredits for images typed during the contest period, ouch!! Remember to go big or go home!!

This has worked for me when I start to lose interest and get bored of typing, it gets me excited again and you know competition always gets the best of us all!!
Hope that this little tip is of help!


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