Images are not showing up fast enough? Here are some tips!

Hello, Fellow CaptchaCashers!

Does it happen often Images are not showing up, sometimes taking an eternity to load? The timer starts and the image has not loaded yet!

This has a lot to do with your internet connection, so make sure you have a fast enough  Internet connection (at least 1Mb), and here are some helpful tips:

  1. When you are typing don’t run anything else on your computer that could consume extra bandwidth.
  2. Download the TyperSolver to get faster images and better solve higher paying images  (such as Smart CAPTCHAs and puzzle CAPTCHAs).
  3. If you are typing using a browser always use the recommended browser : Google Chrome to maximize performance.
  4. Also, you can try getting a Boostpack to get images faster.

If you have done this and you are still not getting images on time, feel free to contact Support.


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