Avoid getting Banned and keep Captcha Cashing!

In all my time typing captchas and working online, one of the most valuable advice i can give everyone new to Megatypers: Don’t get banned for typing garbage!!

You see it’s pretty easy to get carried away and start typing to fast without caring for the quality of your typing, yes you will get more images solved fast, but incorrectly and that’s a No No with Megatypers, it will not be long until you get banned and lose all your hard earned Typer Credits.

So I will give you some tips to not get banned:

  • Work Fast, but don’t forget to check: read and check before you press enter
  • Type correctly even the uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Don’t type garbage, typing incorrect text on purpose is considered a serious offense and is the fastest way to get banned.



And for some technical tips:

  • Always check your connection, verify you are not downloading anything and that nobody else is using your internet while you are hard at work.
  • If you are still getting the images slowly then upgrade your internet connection.
  • If you are receiving blurry images, please wait until they load properly if they still load blurry then use ESC key as a shortcut for Don’t Know button.



That’s it for today, hope my tips are useful, keep cashing!!



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