Tips to Maximize Your Results!

Hi guys!!

Today I bring you some tips to maximize your income on your typing journey!

With these tips you will be able to achieve better results and solve more challenges!

To be the best typer, you need to:

  • Be fast!

Try to always be fast.

The faster you are, more challenges you can solve which translates to additional income.

  • Be accurate

Make sure your responses are as accurate as possible. Double check the challenge against your response before submitting.

Validate if the captcha shown is case sensitive or not and be ready to input on the correct case.

  • Pay attention

Be aware of the countdown so you never end up without time. This is bad for your score.

  • Check the highest-rated hours and try to work on those schedules.

You would earn more for each challenge solved by working on these hours.

  • Be patient.

Wealth is constructed over time. Pay attention at how your balance grows and keep working hard.

A long journey starts with the first steps.

With this I hope you crush your earnings and become a fast and accurate Typer on the platform.


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