Typer Draw, be lucky and win Big Prizes!!

Hi Captcha Typers, today I want to talk about a new feature in which you are able to win Big Prizes, without effort, at a very low price and using your current balance. I’m talking about TyperDraw, megatypers own lottery where you participate with many of megatypers more senior users for the chance to win a big prize in typercredits.

These prizes are intended for the more loyal typers and, to participate, rules establish that you need to have been paid at least once before being able to purchase tickets.


Once you meet all requirements to participate, you purchase the typerdraw tickets you desire, using your current balance of typer credits, then all tickets go into a raffle where a random winner will be picked, the winner finally gets the prize amount added to his balance, It’s that simple!!

That’s all for today Captcha Typers, keep winning and keep typing!


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