Increase your earnings with the boost packs!! Solve 3 times more images!!


Have you ever noticed, sometimes you are on a roll, solving your images non stop, literally in the zone looking for that extra cash, when all of a sudden images start to appear extremely slow? That literally is the worst !! but It happens for a reason, that means there’s a lot of typers online at the same time, and slow down the system a great bit, kind of like a traffic jam!

The good news, you can fix that with the boost packs! You can obtain boost packs from the work pages when they become available and your workload will have priority over all the other typers, it will give you images before everyone else!

But you gotta be fast! There’s only a limited amount of boost packs available, the best way not to miss a boost pack again is to enroll in the auto boost pack option, clicking the checkbox, that way you will be automatically enrolled in the next available boost pack.

That’s all for today Captcha Typers, keep winning and keep typing!


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