Smart-CAPTCHAS, be smart and increase your earnings!

Today I want to talk to you about an opportunity to earn even more TC on top of the hourly rate per image, today i want to explain you the Smart-CAPTCHAs.

First this type of CAPTCHA is for basic English users, if you have basic English skills, This will let you receive images that require a logical (usually the answer to a question) response. For example select all the images containing a Bus, Traffic Light, etc. Typers that can correctly solve Smart-CAPTCHAs have a higher TC earning potential.

This is assuming you decode all Smart-CAPTCHAs correctly, also called Recaptchas. Therefore, if you make mistakes solving these images, the real amount that will be applied to your balance might be slightly lower.

Remember to enable Smartcaptchas at the profile and Payments tab option to receive more options to increase your earnings paid up to 50% EXTRA!


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